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Did you know that although we think of ourselves as having control over our actions, it has already been shown through studies that it is actually our primitive, unconscious brain, which processes all the incoming data and so reacts instinctively even before we become aware of the process.

It is only when our primitive brain is unable to find an immediate, satisfactory response that we become aware of the need to consciously process what is happening around us.  

It was a researcher and pioneering scientist, Benjamin Libet, at the University of California in the 1980’s who demonstrated clearly the time lapse between an event and our conscious awareness of it.

Just out of interest, that measured time lapse is around 1/3 of a second – just long enough for us to physically react before we become aware of doing so.

Please note that the relaxation and hypnosis videos on this page are intended for general use only and are not guaranteed to be suitable for all individual circumstances. For the most effective results, personally tailored therapy is recommended.  For private consultations, please use my contact form.

How We Learn: Our Neural Pathways

This  video which demonstrates the way in which the brain works is simply fascinating.  From its rapid development, throughout our childhood and into our older years, the brain is constantly changing its physical characteristics and therefore its functionality. Despite the generations of research and study into the brain, we still have so much to learn.

Hypnosis Video for Anxiety Reduction and Confidence Building

Two of the most common issues that we struggle with are anxiety and lack of confidence. This video comprises around 28 minutes of guided relaxation and visualisation to support reduction of anxiety and to build confidence.

BWRT – An Introduction by Terence Watts

It is through his understanding of the brain – it’s structure and capacity for both learning and change, that Terence Watts developed the new therapy known as BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy).  Here in this video, Terence gives us an introduction to this exciting new therapy.

Hypnosis Video for Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief

Hypnosis Video for Relaxation and Sleep

Hypnosis Video for Anxiety and Stress

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