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BWRT Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Counselling in  Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Professional and Confidential Therapy

When you choose to have therapy, we will work together to identify and resolve the problems or issues you have.  I work in a completely confidential and professional way. We will agree the most appropriate approach to your personal situation and needs.  I offer counselling, BWRT psychotherapy and clinical or solution focused hypnotherapy tailored to you.  You can consult me by Skype anywhere around the world. You can also see me in person in Cheltenham or Tewkesbury.  I am a qualified and fully insured hypnotherapist, BWRT psychotherapist and counsellor.  I hold a current enhanced DBS certificate.

Perhaps you live with a long term life-impacting situation.  You may have to deal with depression, fear or phobia, anxiety and stress, lack of confidence, poor self-image or obesity. All of us have to cope with one or more of these during our lifetime.

You can achieve a healthier, slimmer lifestyle by changing your eating habits through counselling and hypnotherapy. Becoming a non-smoker can be easier to achieve with the use of counselling and hypnotherapy to support that transition.

Do you want to build up your confidence to deal with a one off situation, such as giving a presentation or public speech?  

Many of us struggle with emotional or mental issues, including chronic anxiety, stress or depression.  We may cope with problems for years, carrying them with us and accumulating more along the way.  Eventually, we come to a realisation that it really is okay to ask for help.  It is that new mindset, that acknowledgement, which allows us to move forward to find a resolution.

That is really the very first and the most important step to feeling better about ourselves and about life.  It isn’t always possible to do it by ourselves. Psychotherapy, analytical or solution focused hypnotherapy and counselling can help us to achieve what we want for ourselves in life.  We can achieve a healthier, happier and more relaxed life. 

Guiding a client into hypnosis at a therapy session
Guiding a client into hypnosis

Therapies Available

All of us can benefit from looking after ourselves as well as those around us who we love.  We are often way down on the list of day to day priorities. Our anxieties, fears, stress, depression, lack of confidence, poor self image (to mention some of the mental and emotional states we experience) are overlooked, ignored and left to accumulate until we are unable to continue without taking notice of them.  When we love and take care of ourselves we find we have more to give to our loved ones instead of struggling to fulfil their needs.


Counselling is a talking therapy which can often help to clarify issues that perhaps we need to re-examine and re-frame.  Doing this can bring new insights and the ability to find new answers, providing a way forward to resolution and positive life change.


Hypnotherapy is the preferred therapy for many people as it can bring about beneficial change. I can offer either solution focused, analytical or regression therapy.  This will depend on what is the most appropriate for your particular needs.  Your treatment plan is developed and tailored specifically to you.  

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

I am also qualified to treat using BWRT®.  This is a new therapy which works rapidly and effectively to change unwanted responses and behaviours, replacing them with those of your own choosing. Unlike many therapies, BWRT® does not involve “homework” between sessions or revealing details of which you may feel embarrassed or ashamed.

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You can book a consultation with me at The Practice Rooms in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  Appointments are also available at The Devereux Centre, Tewkesbury.  I also offer Skype sessions  and I am fully covered for remote working.

Daytime or weekday appointments a problem?  I offer evening and weekend consultations.

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* General Anxiety Disorder * Fears or Phobias * Procrastination * Depression * Stress * Commitment Anxiety * Fear of Failure * Pre-Exam Nerves * Overeating and/or Weight Loss * Commitment Anxiety * Success Inhibition * Fertility Issues * Fear of Authority * Relationship Issues * Smoking Cessation * Sleep Disorders * Lack of Confidence * Poor Self Image * Weight Management * Social Anxiety * Chronic Anxiety * Low Achieving * Assertiveness *