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News from around the world on therapy and therapy-related topics:

With so much news to choose from, it would be hard to include everything.  However, I hope that the selection below is interesting, informative and helpful.  For more reading, why not see my blog.

Fear of Flying Grounded for Good

Harpers Bazaar interviews it’s own Deputy Editor, Lydia Slater, about how she overcame her fear of flying through the use of hypnotherapy.

Young Adults and Anxiety

As any parent of a teenager will vouch, finding ways of supporting their son or daughter through the angst of their teen years and into adulthood is a road fraught with difficulties and much soul searching.  Sometimes we are relegated to a back seat as our cherished offspring struggle to find their own path through with the sometimes doubtful advice and input from their peer group.  There is growing evidence to support the use of mind-body therapies, including hypnotherapy and counselling, in helping young adults to learn the skills and coping mechanisms they need to equip them for their lives in the outside world.

Weight Management – the Hypnotherapy Way

Many of us struggle for years to overcome our poor eating habits – this article in the Daily Mirror shares the success story of one lady who has beaten her binge eating.

What the Daily Mail has to say about BWRT

BWRT has been brought into focus in the national press just recently with this article in the Daily Mail “New Way to Wipe Out Lifelong Phobias in Just One Session…”

Talking Hypnotherapy – Women’s view

Update your understanding of hypnosis and how it works – here four women share their experience of how hypnotherapy changed their lives. 

Hypnosis for Gastrointestinal Issues

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful and effective tool in the management of gastrointestinal disorders such as GERD, IBS, Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. Additionally, a growing body of evidence is now supporting its use alongside conventional medical support.  Furthermore, conventional medical practitioners are becoming more likely to refer or recommend their patients for hypnotherapeutic intervention.

Hypnotherapy News in the Media: Depression Gone Ballistic

Paul McKenna talks about the welcome shift in attitude towards mental illness.  He relates how Prince Harry has de-stigmatised depression by his willingness to talk openly about his experience in losing his mother, Princess Diana, at such a young age.

Making Therapy More Accessible

This trial in London is experimenting with pop up therapy booths to see whether easier access to trained support will make a difference. While therapy is normally conducted behind closed doors, will taking therapy to the public in this way show the way to a new model of treatment?

Research Identifies Changes in Brain Activity

Studies carried out on the brains of 57 people while undergoing guided hypnosis sessions identified changes in both activity and connectivity.

In conclusion, Stanford University School of Medicine say that knowledge of which regions of the brain are affected by hypnosis will allow for better management of pain and medical disorders.

Hypnotherapy as Symptom Relief 

The Washington Post explores here some of the myths and the facts behind hypnotherapy and thereby comes up with some interesting conclusions from their investigations.


Hypnosis Helpful for Anxiety, Stress and Pain Management

The American Psychological Association talks about hypnotherapy continuing to show promise for anxiety and stress related disorders, as well as pain management. Further, they say that “a growing body of research supports its benefits in treating a wide range of conditions, including pain and depression in addition to anxiety and phobias.