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It’s a strange thing really, life – a real Curiosity Shop. We enter it completely innocently.  For the most part we never really fathom it all out before it’s time to leave again. We can’t know whose lives we have touched or how – any more than those who have altered our lives can know just what they have done for or to us.  

We can view life as a blessing or a curse, as blind chance or a beautifully pre-destined pattern.  However we may see it, our brief walk on this planet is filled with opportunities to learn and expand as the multi-dimensional amazing beings that we are. 

All the content on this site comes from my own experience and knowledge – I would hesitate to use the word “wisdom” but perhaps a little wisdom has seeped in here and there to season my ramblings and offerings.  I hope you find something of interest to take away with you – whether food for thought, a smile and a lighter heart or a new idea – and for anyone who makes a purchase from the shop or gallery, thank you. Your decision to buy gives me pleasure that you found something of value to your life here. 


“If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.” Heraclitus



When we were children we used to catch stag beetles as they prowled the garden locking horns…..
One of the most interesting lessons I have learned so far in my life is how people often prefer to remain in their comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it might happen to be

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