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Alison Fernandes Cert NatSci (Open), Dip Hyp CS, BWRT, GQHP, CNHC, GHR

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CNHC Registered for Hypnotherapy

About Alison 

Alison  is  a clinical hypnotherapist, BWRT psychotherapist and counsellor at Alison Fernandes Therapy.  She cares deeply about helping her clients. She works with them to overcome those aspects of life they feel hold them back and prevent them from achieving happiness and fulfilment.  Alison works from The Practice Rooms  in Cheltenham.  She is fully insured to work remotely with clients.  In addition, Alison can offer home visits in some circumstances.

Alison holds a current enhanced DBS certificate, enabling her to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Alison first became interested in hypnotherapy when she consulted a hypnotherapist to successfully give up smoking. She had smoked for more than 30 years and managed to stop completely in only 2-3 weeks.  As a result of this,  she trained as an analytical and solution-focused therapist and counsellor with Chrysalis (a UK based national training college).

While her focus is as a therapist Alison also has a background in natural sciences (chemistry, physics and biology). Alison has a lifelong interest in understanding how people think and feel. Alison is qualified to treat a broad range of issues  including: weight loss; smoking cessation; fears and phobias; anxiety and stress; reactive depression; panic attacks; sleep disorders; stress; fertility; lack of confidence; and also poor self-image.  

Hypnosis for Fertility

Alison has undertaken easibirthing® training to support  individuals and couples in bringing about emotional and lifestyle changes designed to enhance their chances of a successful pregnancy.  Key to this is removing the focus from the need to achieve conception and instead improving emotional, mental and physical well being to bring about as ideal an environment as possible for conception to occur spontaneously.

Interested in how hypnosis for fertility could help you? You can read more here.

Regression Therapy

Alison is pleased to be able to offer regression therapy and inner child healing – see her blog here

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Alison is a certified BWRT® practitioner – BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is an exciting and groundbreaking new model of psychotherapy.  This therapy works by enabling the client to “re-wire” their reactions to situations and events in life.  Because our reactions start in the unconscious, primitive part of the brain, our response to external events happens even before we become aware of it.  Often, by the time we are conscious of our action, it has already been completed.

This therapy uses the natural brain processes to alter the thought patterns which control our conditioned responses. This allows apportunity for completely eliminating unwanted behaviour, replacing it with the client’s own preferred outcome.  BWRT® – brainworking recursive therapy – is a content free therapy.  Unlike other therapies, such as CBT,  it does not involve “homework” or tasks to undertake. In addition, because the therapy is content free the client does not have to share information which they may otherwise find rather difficult to talk about. BrainWorking Recursive Therapy does not require disclosure to enable it to be extremely effective.  The client only needs to talk in general terms about their issue.